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I’m sorry, Valentine.


she says she loves mankind


but there are 6 billions of us


that’s just much too many


to send out valentines



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Home is where the sleeping bag is.

I am sorry people, but you’re wrong.

A sleeping bag is all you need to feel at home.

(Furniture is not my top priority. Let’s get a bike first. I’m tired of feeling like a legless cripple.)

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The not-so-easy Life of a Parisienne on a snowy December Morning.

She : God, it’s sooo cold today. I’m freezing to death.

Me : I guess this is what is called winter. And […]*escalator eyes* […] you’re wearing shorts.

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The Ultimate Christmas Tip.

Take the train to where you’ll be spending Christmas. Lend your biggest bag. Use a smaller one. Fill it up with voluminous ski wear.

« Yeah, I know it sucks. But I’ll be bringing all my love. »

Christmas presents nightmare sorted. Yo.

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